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We arrive in Turkey and drive to Tarsus, the birthplace of Paul the Apostle, and after which we proceed to the ancient Antioch, where the word “Christians” was first coined and where St Peter was the first to preach. The major sites we get to discover in Antioch include St Peter’s Grotto the cave church, where we will have mass. After Antioch, we drive north to Cappadocia, where we visit Valleys of Goreme, Apple Church, Pisidian Antioch and the Underground City of Kaymakli. Next is Pamukkale, where the Hierapolis is located. Other places in Turkey we get to visit are Sardis, Ayvalik, Bursa, Troas and Assos and Kusadasi.

We also head to Greece via a ferry ride to Patmos Island, and tour the Monastery of the Apocalypse where St John composed The Book of Revelations and Grotto of St John. Also in Greece, we explore Athens, and visit the world famous Acropolis, Mars Hill — where St. Paul preached — and the Ancient Agora. We also visit The Catholic Church of St Paul, where we will have mass and then proceed to The Cathedral of St Dionysus.

In Istanbul, we can explore the wonders of the Blue Mosque, the Ayasofya Museum and the underground Basilica Cistern. We also take an afternoon visit to Topkapi Palace, which was home to the Sultans between the 15th and 19th centuries. The next day we will drive to Spice bazaar, and embark on a scenic journey on Bosphorus Cruise Boat.